The rural accommodation Villa Matilde is surrounded by a 2.8 hectares of terrain with old pine and oak trees. The property has several buildings.

The main building is divided into two parts:
• A living space at the upper floor of the building, consisting of a living room, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.
• The rest of the house, which is the accommodation part for visitors and is divided in two floors. There are a living/dining room, 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a toilet, a shower, a kitchen and an office.

Casa rural en venta

The main house constitutes of:
1 living room of 44 m² with a fireplace
1 living room of 25 m² with a fireplace
11 bedrooms
1 kitchen of 10 m²
1 pantry of 4.5 m²
6 bathrooms
1 shower
1 toilet
2 storage rooms
1 laundry room
1 wine cellar

Una habitacion en Villa Matilde
Salon en Villa Matilde
Salon comedor en Villa Matilde

Outside at the terrain of 2,8 hectares there are:
2 toilets
2 showers
2 lavatories
1 terrace in front of the house of 190 m² with a ramp for disabled people
1 garage of 37 m²
1 tool shed of 6 m²
1 swimming pool of 6 x 9 meters
1 terrace by the pool of 390 m2
2 henhouses
1 stable of 11 m²
2 fenced patches of land for animals
1 stone oven
1 organic vegetable garden of 600 m² with a drip feed irrigation system

Casa rural en Andalucia en venta
Casa rural en Andalucia en venta
Casa rural en Andalucia en venta

The activities centre has:
1 workshop space of 100 m²
1 kitchen
1 bathroom
1 pool filter room

The house has 4 accesses, 2 of which are main entrances with covered doorways of 6 m² each.
There is a fixed telephone line and a WiFi internet service in the house.
The electrical supply comes from an electric power transformer located on the terrain.
Drinking and irrigation water comes from two private wells. There are two water reservoirs: a water tower and a water tank under the ground.
Together they have a capacity of 15,000 litres per day.
The water reaches the house with a water pump and makes its way from the water tanks to the building. The hot water is heated by a gas heater.
All rooms in the B&B part have electric heating.
Most bathrooms have a shower with glass partitions and one of the showers is wheelchair accessible.
The windows of the house are double glazing and its frames are good acoustic and thermal isolators.

Casa rural en Andalucia en venta
Casa rural en Andalucia en venta
Casa rural en Andalucia en venta

In the selling price the current contents of the B&B are incorporated. This includes: furniture, lamps, beds, linens, a washing machine, a fully equipped semi-professional kitchen, cooking utensils, eating utensils, etc

The selling price is 465.000€

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